Peter Savarese

My Work

As a coder, I love to show off my work, not only to show what I am capiable of, but also to get input from people to see how I can improve my work. Below in the cards are some of projects I've taken on.

Current Positions:

Homework Manager

Homework Planner

The homework planner was made to suit my needs for managing things like homework, upcoming alerts, and more. There are already apps out there that do this but you need to pay for a premium account for one. This has all of those features plus a scanned copy of my sechdule and allows me to also add "Notices" for things like Dress Down Day.

Preview not aviable (Personal Application)



The VCF (Virtual Communication Folder) was orginally made by Javelin Designs, but I decided to remake it into a faster, and more modern layout. Page load times were reduced by 40% while have a more appealing layout, and using up-to-date jQuery and custom scripts.

Preview by clicking here.

YouTube Dashboard Manager

MrBeast Dashboard

This dashboard (Template originally for VCF) is a dashboard where YouTuber MrBeast can manage submissions for his "Worst {Name}" series. People can submit their findings and he can accept or deny them in the dashboard. Before, Google Forms was being used.

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